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Can you even? Yes, we can.

Typosquatting is a serious problem. Once a similar domain name is registered, it is extremely difficult to revert it back, since this issue is often beyond the control of the domain registrant. Accidentally- or even maliciously-registered domain can derail the valid registration, and there is no way to fix the issue outside of legal action.

So what can you do if you find a typo-squatting domain name, and you are unsure what to do?

Even Networks is the owner and operator of even-number domains, including Network Four, Network Six, and Network Eight.

By law, the owner of a trademark must challenge any infringement of it to hold onto the protections they have earned: in other words, to keep your trademark you have to defend it.

When we registered our domain names, we did not register all possible variations to prevent later conflict or litigation, feeling that instead common sense would prevail.

We believe that Network2.com is typosquatting on a domain that we feel should belong to us. After all, we have the even numbers!

An open letter to the operators of Network2.com:

To whom it may concern:

Acting on behalf of Even Domains with its registered office in George Town, Greater Antilles ("Company"), we request that NETWORK2.com with its registered office in Tortola, VG ("INFRINGER") ceases to infringe on the Company's rights in and to the following domain names: NETWORK4.com, NETWORK6.com and NETWORK8.com, registered for the Company's benefit.

The infringement consists in the Infringer using a similar domain, Network2.com ("Domain Name"), which contains a protected trademark of the Company, and the Domain Name is used by the INFRINGER to offer the same services, which may confuse clients as to the identity of the entities offering these services.

The above actions constitute an act of unfair competition defined in Article 3 item 1 and Article 5 of the Suppression of Unfair Competition Act of 16 April 1993, which provides for civil sanctions against persons committing such acts. Therefore, we demand that you:

  1. immediately cease and desist in the future from using the Domain Name;
  2. send to the Company's address a written statement on compliance with the above demand within 14 days from the date of receiving this notice.
  3. Transer the domain to us.

We also inform you that should the above time limit lapse ineffectively, the Company shall take immediate legal action to protect its rights and interests, including filing of a civil lawsuit for damages.

You should be aware the we have priority rights in this mark. We deserve it. We are Even Networks.

Thank you for your time.

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